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      Which chaga is healthier: tea, powder or extract?

      A wide choice of chaga products makes you ask the questions: which chaga product is the most useful. Two-staged brewing assumes that chaga is first brewed in hot water at 70°C and extracted in a thermos, then the remaining pulp is boiled for 1-3 hours, thus, chaga will give the maximum benefit and you will get everything that it is rich in.
      The ChagaLaboratories extract is a useful product. While producing chaga we use top-notch technologies and equipment. The double extract is an extract rich in healthy substances as various biological substances are mixed in different solvents: water and alcohol.
      ChagaLaboratories fine ground chaga (powder) is an excellent product that can be used for express brewing and drinking a wonderful and healthy drink. You can drink it as a tea, it is quickly brewed and once inside your body it is a useful sorbent.
      Buying powder, especially from China be careful and make sure you do not buy chaga powder made of extracted chaga; such a chaga is useless. Chaga connoisseurs who live in China prefer the Siberian chaga, considering it the most useful.
      Chaga cryogenic powder produced by ChagaLaboratories is an exclusive product rarely found on the market. Cryogenic powder is a process of producing powder at a temperature of -196°C in liquid Nitrogen (safe gas that we breathe in the amount of 78.09%); frozen chaga is finely ground, eliminating oxidative reactions, which retains all the beneficial properties. The product becomes bioavailable by destroying the chitin wall. In such a way, the body absorbs healthy substances as much as possible. Wild chaga will enrich your body with all the benefits.
      “The extracts obtained from the mushroom are soloists, while the mushroom used as a whole is a well-coordinated symphony orchestra”.
      Professor Shu-Ting Chang, the Vice-President of the World Society for Mushroom Biology and Mushroom Products, a member of the Executive Committee of International Society for Mushroom Science (ISMS) (1996-2004)
      The useful properties of cryogenic powder in comparison with ordinary chaga powder are best described here: link to pdf

      Trivia: How Chaga Taiga tea helped Trail the Moose:

      Siberian hunters drank taiga tea and trailed wild Moose.
      Peoples living in Siberian forests tamed wild moose to breed and drink moose milk.
      Siberian hunters trailed moose in the winter forests. In those days, there were no skis, and even in later times, it was impossible to chase a moose on skis through loose snow on a whitish snow. The Siberian hunter walked for moose for many kilometers on foot; the moose was tired of being chased by, so the hunter could approach, rope and bring the moose home. All Siberian hunters drank taiga tea along the way: a chaga with Ivan tea. Taiga tea gave enough strength and vitality and helped to overcome extreme loads and winter cold. This tea is called Taiga in the Chaga Laboratories product line (link).

      How to make chaga drinks

      You should be careful when making chaga drink. The way you make your drink will guarantee whether chaga will bring its benefits to you or not.
      Brewing is the process of home extraction.
      Under the influence of a solvent (water or alcohol), the cell membrane swells and, depending on the solvent, certain dissolved substances come out.
      Different manufacturers have different recipes for making chaga, and the consumer might have questions regarding to which one is the right one.
      The ChagaLaboratories team will help you deal with this issue.
      The thing is that Chaga is so rich in various components, with different chemical and biological properties, that there is no single technological method allowing to extract all useful substances at once. Therefore, various methods for drinking chaga will make it possible to get the most nutrients.
      ChagaLaboratories recommends that you alter chaga making methods so that you get the most beneficial properties of chaga.
      ChagaLaboratories technologists have analyzed all existing recipes for making chaga and, along with researchers, have developed the most universal method based on scientific developments.

      Express brewing:

      - Making tea: - pour half of the volume with boiling water, let it brew a little and add warm water. Let it brew
      - Pour boiling water over the powder and add warm water in equal volumes. Stir it and you can drink it.
      -We recommend making tea in a thermos at a temperature of 70°C. Let it brew for 12 hours, but it will be even better if it brews for a longer period.
      -Pour extract or cryogenic powder with warm water, stir it and your drink is ready.

      Chaga Laboratories Recommends two-staged brewing

      - 1st stage - brew chaga in warm water (70°С) in a thermos; if you brewed it in the evening then you can drink it in the morning. We recommend that you leave chaga in a thermos for further extraction.
      - 2nd stage – pour the remaining from the 1st stage chaga pulp with water and boil for 1-3 hours.
      This method of brewing is considered right and reveals all the benefits of chaga.
      Chaga is a unique medicinal mushroom with a large variety of different enzymes and compounds, so some substances need brewing (extracting) in warm water, while others need boiling.

      Double extract

      For the same reason, we produce a double extract of chaga, namely water-alcohol, in order to take all possible benefits from chaga and you can enjoy a healthy and tasty drink.
      - mix extract or cryogenic powder with warm water: these are ready-to-use products with organic chaga.
      Cryogenic powder does not need brewing.
      While producing cryogenic chaga the chitin wall is destroyed, thus the product becomes bioavailable. You can get all the benefits of Chaga.

      The best packaging to store chaga in

      The shelf life of chaga during which the mushroom does not lose its original properties is 2 years, in case the storage conditions were monitored and maintained. To ensure the maximum benefits of chaga are kept, please, store it in metallized zip lock bags. It is not recommended to store chaga in plastic transparent bags, as this can destroy medical properties of chaga, and the mushroom will become useless.

      How to consume chaga?

      In order for chaga to work to the maximum, you should observe some conditions.
      The most important thing is to use it regularly. In other words, it is better to replace tea and coffee with chaga. ChagaLaboratories specialists are constantly developing new products from Chaga, so that you can enjoy your favorite drinks, while still benefiting from Chaga. We have a wide range of Chaga coffee, Chaga cocoa, Chaga with Matcha Tea and Chaga elixir.
      Those who has been regularly using chaga for a long time have lower risk for cancer or diabetes. For example, people in Siberian villages drink chaga instead of tea or coffee, have no stomach diseases, and the level of cancer is much lower than in those regions where chaga is not so popular.

      Side effects of Chaga consumption.

      There are no scientifically proven facts about the side effects of chaga. Nevertheless, the Chaga Laboratories recommends that you consult with your doctor prior to taking chaga.