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      1. How to find good quality chaga?

        How not to buy Chaga counterfeits?

        Unfortunately, low-quality or fake chaga products are often sold on the market. This undermines the image of responsible manufacturers. At a conference at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, an analysis of chagа extract from Siberia, China, and Finland was performed to examine the quality of chaga. The results stated that the extracts from China and Finland were counterfeit, while the extracts from the Siberian chaga were of the highest quality.The fact is that even the Chinese prefer the Siberian chaga, considering it the most useful.There are 9 lifehacks to buy quality chaga products:

        1) wild chaga can't be cheap;2) it is best to buy chaga directly from manufacturers, who control the entire process from assembly to packaging and sale;3) the availability of certificates does not guarantee a high quality of chaga, since they only state that the product is not contaminated, but they do not indicate the content of the active substances;4) make sure that the products are made from fresh whole chaga and not from leftovers;5) pay attention to the photo on the package, because there are sellers who put other mushrooms on the photo;6) chaga is packed in a metallized bag that keeps all the beneficial properties;7) the best quality has the Siberian wild chaga, but not grown on compost;8) the manufacturer is a real pro who uses low-temperature processing technology;9) check the place where the chaga was collected according to the seller. Sometimes looking at a map of these places you will not find large areas of birch forests. This can only mean one thing - chaga was harvested illegally in other regions. Poachers can damage trees, and do not adhere to storage and handling standards. Chaga Laboratories never harvests chaga illegally. Siberian chaga is a medicinal plant, so the state monitors its collection and sale. Our company supports only the legal harvesting of chaga, we collect chaga only in the selected territory of Siberian forests, which are protected by environmental and forest legislation. We employ specially trained certified hunter hunters who adhere to all procurement and processing standards for further export.

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        How to buy the best chaga

        Siberian wild chaga, but not frown on compost

        The manufacturer is the one you know in person

        Manufacturer is a real pro who uses low-temperature processing technology

        The company monitors chaga harvesting and makes chaga products

        The packaging is a metallized bag that keeps all the beneficial properties

        The ability to control product quality at all stages, i.e. – the manufacturer has his own laboratory


        2. Best places to harvest chaga

          Where can I find chaga mushrooms?

          Here are some useful tips if you decide to harvest chaga yourself.

           Try to collect chaga in remote areas, far from cities and highways. We harvest chaga 150 km from cities.

          - Chaga is collected only from birches and at a 2-meter height.

          - Cut chaga carefully from the tree, trying not to damage the trunk, so that the birch can grow further

          - You should clean the harvested chaga. We dry chaga by controlling the temperature which should not exceed 60°C.

          - Store your chaga in a room with humidity not exceeding 14%.

          - Grind chaga. Do not use choppers that can heat the chaga. We use low temperature grinding technology.

          - Chaga brewing: we recommend two-staged chaga brewing. 1st stage is to brew chaga in warm water 70°С in a thermos, 2nd stage is to boil chaga pulp for 1-3 hours.

          3. How does chaga from different regions differ?

            Chaga from different regions is truely different.
            The most useful chaga grows on a specific breed of birch trees (fluffy and saggy) and the largest habitat of such a breed is found in Siberia. The colder the climate, the higher the concentration of nutrients, and this is also Siberia. the Siberian Chaga did not suffer, unlike other regions, from the Chernobyl radioactive explosion and the accident at the Fukushima nuclear plant

            4. How to use chaga?

              In view of the rich content of various substances in chaga, chaga should be brewed in warm water at 700C and in boiled water in stages according to the recipe recommended by Chaga Laboratories - Two single-stage brewing. Chaga mushroom does not contain toxic substances and can be used without any restrictions in the recommended doses. 

              5. Can I use chaga to achieve best athletic performance?

                Yes, this is highly recommended! Chaga is the most powerful immunomodulatory mushroom and adaptogen; chaga helps the body in extreme conditions and heavy physical exertion.

                6. What is the different between chaga extract and chaga powder?

                  Chaga extract is a water-alcohol concentrated extract from chaga mushroom. Different solvents allow you to take the maximum benefit from chaga. If you brew the chaga extract properly, you will get a healthy drink, however, with a lower concentration of nutrients.
                  Chaga cryogenically ground powder is a new product that fully benefits Chaga because of its maximum bioavailability. You can get the maximum benefit from the elixir of chaga: a mixture of chaga extract and cryogenically ground powder .

                  7. For how long can I use chaga?

                    There are no toxic substances in chaga, moreover, there are no scientifically proven facts that chaga has some side effects even when consumed for quite long periods. Nevertheless, the Chaga Laboratories recommends consulting with your doctor before using chaga about possible contraindications due to the nature of the disease.

                    8. Why are there different price tags for chaga?

                      Chaga may differ in price for various reasons: legal or illegal collection. Does your chaga come from unfavorable dirty regions or from Siberia, where chaga was picked up in the pure areas, far from cities and highways? Was your chaga a real chaga or just a counterfeit?

                      9. Can I mix chaga with other mushrooms?

                        You can mix chaga with other mushrooms, which can enrich your drink with beneficial substances and flavors. The Chaga Laboratories is also developing chaga drinks with other medical mushrooms.

                        10. What is the best packaging for chaga?

                          The shelf life of chaga during which the mushroom does not lose its original properties is 2 years, in case the storage conditions were monitored and maintained. To ensure the maximum benefits of chaga are kept, please, store it in metallized zip lock bags. It is not recommended to store chaga in plastic transparent bags, as this can destroy medical properties of chaga, and the mushroom will become useless