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      Wholesale of chaga mushroom products

      Chagalaboratories offers competitive prices and volume discounts to the wholesalers on our range of high quality Chaga mushroom products. We collaborate with the vendors of all sizes, anywhere in the World. We manufacture products under your brand. So whether you are a store, an e-retailer, or a medical facility, we will provide you with the affordable pricing on our entire products range, allowing you to expand the offerings at a profitable cost. Our wholesale program offers tiered discounts in order for you to profit more as your demand grows.

      For full details on bulk buying, volume discounts, profit margins and other wholesale inquiries, please contact us via email at chagab2b@gmail.com

      Wholesale of raw chaga mushrooms

      When choosing a supplier of medicina mushrooms, it is important to make an informed choice.
      Not all wholesale suppliers of wild chaga products are created equal.
      Many of the suppliers are intermediaries, do not control the entire supply chain and cannot guarantee the origin and quality of the product. This is especially important when it comes to medicinal raw materials, which is the chaga mushroom.
      ChagaLaboratories is a company that controls all stages of supply and processing of the Siberian chaga mushroom, from the tree to the consumer. The ChagaLaboratories company has its own production and storage facilities, providing high-quality processing and storage of the chaga mushroom.
      We have more than 10 years of experience in the collection and processing of chaga mushrooms, we have the knowledge and competence as producers, we conduct scientific research in cooperation with universities.
      All products sold by us pass strict control and are tested in independent laboratories for safety, radiation, the presence of heavy metals and impurities.
      We can satisfy the needs of any wholesale buyers, we supply any volume of Siberian chaga mushroom from 10 lb (4.5 kg) to several tons worldwide.
      The ChagaLaboratories company sells a full range of products from chaga, starting from whole chaga, lumpy, tea fraction, powder, cryogenic ground powder, extract.
      The presence of a warehouse in Europe allows for wholesale sales with minimum delivery times.
      We are confident that we can offer you the best price for Siberian chaga mushroom, because there are no middlemen in our supply chain.
      If you want to buy Siberian сhaga mushroom of the highest quality in bulk and you have questions about the price and terms of delivery, please write to us e-mail chagab2b@gmail.com and we will be happy to answer all your questions.