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      Our history
      The history of the Chaga Laboratories started with an introduction of the company founders passionate about nature, travelling, collecting and researching to Siberian wild forests. The chaga mushroom was especially interesting as it was called the diamond of the Siberian forest. As a result of thorough study, chaga proved to be a mushroom with a huge number of useful properties in it, which eventually inspired the Chaga Laboratories establishment. Twelve years of experience in picking up and using chaga benefited in making premium quality products.
      The production of Chaga Laboratories is located not far from Prague, in the Hradec Králové Region, the northeast area of ​​Central Bohemia. The first mention of St. Wenceslas Chapel built in Hradec Králové Region in 1362 says that the best herbalists of Czech Bohemia lived there. It happened so that our specialization in the Siberian Chaga mushroom is symbolic with the proximity of the Sázavskýklášter. In the 11th century, Anna the youngest daughter of Yaroslav the Wise visited a monastery while traveling from Kiev to Paris. She brought Chaga from Kievan Rus as a gift. According to the legend, she was presented with a Bible written by Saint Procopius on which she swore ascending to the French throne (Monastery church of Saint Procopius in Sazava).
      The production of the Chaga Laboratories starts with fine picking wild chaga up in the reserve forests of Siberia far from cities. Chaga is thoroughly sorted out and processed. The multidimensional quality control of the Chaga Laboratories allows us to guarantee the premium quality of raw materials that we deliver to the Czech Republic at our own production site where we process and package Chaga mushroom for the most demanding customers.
      (Chaga mushroom powder)
      The Chaga Laboratories products include teas, powders, chaga double extracts, and various chaga mixtures. The innovative line of Chaga Laboratories is the production of cryogenic powder of the medical chaga mushroom.
      In addition, the production uses the top-notch low-temperature technologies for drying Chaga mushroom products. Own laboratory allows for quality control at all stages of the production cycle.
      The mission of the Chaga Laboratories is to bring the maximum benefit of natural products to customers.  We understand how important it is what you will consume, that is why we control carefully each production stage from picking up chaga to storing raw material in climatic chamber and packaging.

      The main objective of the Chaga Laboratories is to produce healthy chaga products using modern technologies. 
      Our company invests in researching the beneficial properties of Siberian chaga, a unique product created by nature.
      The goal of the Chaga Laboratories is to popularize the chaga mushroom, one of the most useful medical mushrooms, so that everybody recover more efficiently, be happy and energetic.
      Our goal is to stay in touch with you 24/7. We encourage your questions and looking forward to meeting you at our premises to treat you with delicious tea.