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      Best medical mushrooms

      If categorized based of botanical classification chaga is a sterile birch fungus (Fungusbetulimis), the timber fungus - Inonotusobliquus. Chaga mushroom, like Reishi, belongs to wood-destroying mushrooms that cause white core rot; all components of the wood decompose under the action of the fungal enzymes.
      However, unlike Reishi that grows mainly on stubs and dead wood, chaga grows only on living trees. This affects the metabolism of these fungi and makes them differ in the way the two species of mushrooms accumulate biologically active substances.
      The composition of triterpenoid compounds extracted from Reishi and Chaga is significantly different.
      Reishi triterpenes affect only the immune system, while chaga triterpenes can cause both apoptosis of cancer cells and affect the immune system.
      The antioxidant value of chaga mushroom extract described in ORAC units is: 148 300 μ mol TE/100g. While the reishi mushroom is 9244.