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      ♦ Chaga grows only on living trees, unlike many other medicinal mushrooms that grow on dead trees
      ♦ Chaga is a wild medical mushroom that grows in a wild forest, unlike many medicinal mushrooms, grown in greenhouses on compost
      ♦ Chaga grows over 15-20 years, unlike most annual medicinal mushrooms
      ♦ Chaga is the most powerful natural immunomodulatory mushroom
      ♦ There are more than 1700 research articles describing the health benefits of chaga
      ♦ Chaga is often called the forest diamond in Japan and the Far East
      ♦ Chaga is an everyday adaptogen
      ♦ 90 % of the world's stocks of chaga come from Siberia
      ♦ In early 1950s, chaga was introduced into the USSR State Pharmacopoeia, i.e. was officially recognized as a medicinal plant
      ♦ Chaga connoisseurs who live in China prefer the Siberian chaga, considering it the most useful
      ♦ Chaga has the highest ORAC value out of 148,300 known plants
      ♦ North Europeans have been using chaga in folk medicine for 400 years
      ♦ Chaga contains 29 different derivatives of polysaccharides, and possibly the strongest among medicinal mushrooms, which is used in folk medicine for cancer
      ♦ 300% increase in the activity of natural killer cells with chaga
      ♦ Chaga DNA is 30% more like human DNA than any other plant DNA
      ♦ 1700 studies have identified more than 200 healthy chaga substances
      ♦ Finns have been using chaga as a substitute for decaffeinated coffee for more than 60 years
      ♦ Chaga helps fight against premature aging with a multiple increase in SODs
      ♦ More than 50 drugs with chaga betulin and betulinic acid are made in the world
      ♦ Chaga has 50 times more superoxide dismutase (SODs) than in any other medicinal mushroom
      ♦ Chaga contains zero toxic components
      ♦ Since the 11th century chaga has been known in Russia as a therapeutic agent
      ♦ The Beta-D-Glucans can penetrate into an acidic environment, detect cancer cells and cause their apoptosis
      ♦ BEFUNGIN has had chaga as the main component for more than 70 years